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The Puppy Ark Puppies come with a package of vital information you will need for the future care.

The Puppy Ark follows a Puppy Care Plan given by B&B Veterinary of Lexington, Ne

All of our puppies leave with the following:

A Puppy Exam performed by B&B Veterinary (Lexington,NE) or West Villa Animal Hospital (Kearney,NE)

A Complete Health Record of your puppy.

Vaccination Solo-Jec 5 way shot at 6 weeks of age (New owner responsible for 9 & 12 week shots.)

Albon Suspension is administered to help avoid stress and ease the home transition.

Panacur Dewormer is admistered at 6 & 8 weeks to prevent worms.

Dewclaws are removed.

Tail docked if breed specified.

Registration papers if available by breed and included in agreement of purchase.

Information on Spay and Nuetering your pet.

Information on How to Potty Train.

Sample food (We recommend Diamond Naturals All Breeds & Iams Puppy)

*1yr Limited Health Guarantee*

If your puppy passes away from a health issue covered under our terms and conditions, you will receive credit toward a new puppy of your choice based on the purchase price of the puppy. Shipping and taxes are not included in the credit. *READ MORE

Delivery is NOT included with purchase

Rabies and Microchip can be administered at 3 months of age. This age is also recommended

as a great time to spay or neuter your puppy.

Non-Refundable deposit required to hold.

Balance Due at 8 weeks of age.