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      Porkie is the ultimate small-breed dog. Also, this dog is considered to be a hybrid dog, meaning that two breeds were joined together in order to create a new breed. Porkie is a beautiful mix between the energetic Pomeranian and affectionate Yorkshire Terrier. We specifically sought for this designer breed to bring to you a poofy coat, with some of the yorkie colors.  We love both breeds and the momma and poppa are Pure Bred with very good lineages.  These Porkies are so cute and their coat will get more poofy and longer as they grow.  I am estimated the adult weight of these little guys to be around 7lbs. So if you are looking for a small lap dog that is full of love, a Porkie is a perfect fit for you.  Plus how fun is the name Porkie haha.  I love it. Okay message me anytime or call.  You can also read more about our facility on some of our other pages and visit our facebook for more of an up to date feed of pics and videos.